Thank you for stopping by!  If you want to live your dream, grow your net worth and be mortgage-free faster, you have come to the right place!  eRealEstateShop.com is where you Buy, Lease, Invest, Sell or Service real estate...what can I help you with?  My name is Mary Ann Gutierrez, Founder of eRealEstateShop.com and I am passionate about helping you win.
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educate. empower. elevate.  is my mission for your experiences when moving or investing in properties with your goal as my target.  So what is your goal?  I look forward to helping you get to where you want to be. 

Live. Grow. Free. I am not just another agent who helps you buy, sell or lease properties.  I want to help you live your dream, grow your net worth and ultimately be mortgage-free faster than you think.  I believe in earning people's trust, building life-long relationships based on human love and respect and ensuring my associates and I are the right fit for your real estate needs.  


I understand that you are unique.  Every situation is unique. You could be out-growing your existing home, or maybe it is too big you can no longer manage it, dreaming of a vacation home or an outdoor space, an amateur investor or a multi-property owner yourself, renting, living with family, desiring to own more real estate to build more equity, starting a family, starting a business, relocating, retiring, needing more convenience...I understand that your story is unique.  Connect with me, say hello and with your unique story, let me and my global team help you set and achieve your goals on the right path in this journey. 

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